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Who is West Trek and Why You Should Join One of Our Adventures Today

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Created in 1995, West Trek Tours is a division of Discover Canada Tours; a full-service travel company based in Vancouver, B.C. 

Discover Canada Tours is a family-owned company dedicated to providing authentic Canadian hometown experiences and the best budget travel deals. 

With 6 Pacific Northwest destinations – including the unbeatable Canadian Rocky Mountains – we have a trip for everyone. Your next big adventure is ready, don’t wait! How will you remember Canada?

Why Choose West Trek

250,000+ Adventurers Can’t Be Wrong

West Trek Tours is Vancouver’s #1 budget tour provider, servicing backpackers and locals since 1998! Whether it’s to Whistler, Seattle, Victoria, Tofino, Portland or the Rocky Mountains, West Trek tours are fun, high energy and affordable. We strive to give visitors to Vancouver a uniquely Canadian experience while helping to create memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

We are the #1 choice for ESL and International Students in Vancouver looking for an affordable way to see the most stunning places in Western Canada and the United States. We also offer experience and expertise, an affordable price, as well as an authentic Canadian cultural experience. Read more of the many other reasons why you should book an adventure with us.

A True Canadian Cultural Experience

At West Trek, we pride ourselves in offering a uniquely Canadian experience. Not only are all of our tours offered in English, but our guides are also proud and patriotic. They are all eager to share the fascinating, and often humorous, historical, environmental, and geological stories of our beautiful country! We pack our tour with typical Canadian activities like playing hockey, BBQ parties, singing songs around a campfire, visiting local pubs, and much more! After a few adventures with West Trek, we’ll even dub you an honourary Canadian!

Experience and Expertise 

Let’s face it, we’ve been in the business for a long time! This means we have the most extensive firsthand experience with all of our destinations. Being in business a long time means that we have well-established relationships with the hotels we use. Meaning we can get great hotels, with amenities like hot tubs, pools and campfire pits, in locations closest to the major attractions for affordable prices. This maximizes your time spent in the most popular places and minimizes time on the bus. We also know which sightseeing stops and activities are the best quality and the most exciting. This ensures that you take advantage of every moment of your tour by seeing only the best features of our destinations! When you sign up for a trip with West Trek, you can sit back, relax, and trust that our expertise and experience are leading you to the most beautiful, exciting and unforgettable places!

What is the Wolf Pack?

To us at West Trek, this is more than a tagline or throwaway phrase. This is something we genuinely believe in, invest in, and live by. It represents the idea that no one is ever alone or excluded. It means new family, new friends, and making lasting memories and relationships. It dictates that we look after each other, and look out for each other. It also means we care for the environment in which we travel and respect the fantastic natural landscapes that we are privileged to visit. We aim to minimize our impact and give back through carefully chosen charities and organizations.

Read more about the initiative here.