We are the West Trek/Discover Canada Tours family. We are passionate, we are experienced and we are the leaders in operating tours throughout Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Here are a few of the team who make this well oiled machine turn over on a daily basis.

Management Team


Clint Drdul

Director of Sales and Marketing

Clint is one of the founders of Discover Canada Tours and oversees the sales, marketing, and coach fleet. When he is not in the office you can find him chasing his 6-year-old twins down a ski slope, watching his Sales Manager sing bluesy karaoke or hanging out by the water and enjoying this beautiful province where he was born and raised. West Trek could be his favourite division because of its budget pricing and fun group activities that make Western Canada (arguably Canada’s) best sightseeing accessible to all.


Stacey Thorson

Director of Operations

Stacey is one of the founders of Discover Canada Tours and oversees the operations, product development, and finances of DCT and it’s various divisions. Stacey’s favourite season is winter – she loves to ski and go tobogganing with her family! She has travelled extensively throughout Canada and internationally and prior to starting DCT, she lived and worked in the Middle East. For her travelling is a way of life and a passion unrivalled by no other. She loves to explore new destinations, especially throughout Western Canada, and to share her best experiences through the creation of new tour packages.


Jennifer Fiddis

Division Manager, Commercial & Product Development

From her start in the tourism industry working the front desk of a hotel in Vancouver back in the ’90s when guests still made their reservation by snail mail, to her current role, managing the product team at DCT, she always measures the product included in the tours she creates to her own personal travel with her family. Some of her favourite places to travel across the globe happen to be in her own backyard like Tofino on Vancouver Island and has a new love for Northern BC and our new Inside Passage Tour after travelling the routine 2019. If you can’t find her at her desk in the office, she’s usually somewhere in Canada looking for a new place to send our clients. Oh, and knowing ‘Fiddis’, as we like to call her, she probably has a glass of wine in her hand too.


Graham Wood

Operations Manager

Graham is in charge of the day to day Operations of Discover Canada Tours. He likes to have his finger on the pulse of the company, keeping everyone on their toes and ensuring all tours are running smoothly. He has worked in the adventure and sightseeing tourism fields for many years, from his early safari, rafting and 4×4 guiding days in Southern Africa to now enjoying the cooler climate of the Pacific Northwest. For Graham, adventure, sports and travel is a way of life. He loves a combo, but not the fast-food kind. When he is not working (which is seldom) you can find him travelling all around the world, either participating in or watching a major sports event and immersing himself in the local culture. Locally you will find Graham swimming, biking or more than likely running around beautiful British Columbia.


Bryson Dunn

Division Manager, Sales

Bryson manages the sales and practicum team, who are also proud to be called “The Green Team.” With a background in guiding with both West Trek and Discover Canada Tours, Bryson’s passion for travel is what shapes his career. When not working, Bryson likes to play- and he likes to play hard. He enjoys dirt biking, motorcycling and is pretty much obsessed with snowmobiling. He also plays both guitar and drums, loves hanging out with good friends and travelling. Bryson is known to be very charismatic and persuasive- so be careful, or you might find yourself on one of his crazy adventures!


Andrew Royal

Marketing Manager

Andrew is an experienced marketer and is responsible for handling all the marketing activities at the company. He has a special place in his heart for eCommerce and digital marketing. With a keen focus on digital, Andrew has grand plans on taking over the tourism world through all digital means necessary. Andrew is a keen fly fisherman, targeting all species of fish, fresh and saltwater. He knows that there is no better meditation than being on the river or lake. Despite coming from South Africa, he loves to snowboard and is a general outdoors lover.

Stephen Butt

Division Manager - DCSA & Destination Snow

What started as a passion for skiing and following fresh snow has shaped a career for Stephen in Tourism. With over 14 years of experience in Sales and Marketing including many years at Whistler Blackcomb, Stephen has developed a wealth of knowledge and familiarity with the industry and what drives travellers of all types. When the snow melts Stephen can be found on the golf course working on his never-ending quest for the perfect swing or scouring the city for the best slice of pizza.

Rosario Soliva

Accounting Manager

Rosario manages and oversees the daily operations of the company’s accounting department. She has more than 20 years of accounting experience in the Philippines and Canada combined. She worked in an auditing company, manufacturing, insurance brokerage, life insurance before moving to Canada. When she’s not balancing assets and liabilities, she’s often at home spending time with her family, cooking, reading books, watching shows, or gardening. During the summer, she searches for “easy” hikes around Metro Vancouver and drags her family with her bribing them with pizza or sushi afterwards.

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