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Why West Trek

What is Live the Adventure

What does it mean to Live the Adventure? Adventure can be defined in many ways. For some, adventure can be extreme experiences like bungee jumping or whitewater rafting. Others, it can merely be heading into uncharted territories and exploring. Or it can be the wonderment of an all-night dance party in a new favourite destination. At West Trek, we believe that adventure is whatever you make it be. With this in mind, we provide some of the most authentic experiences throughout Western Canada and into the Pacific Northwest. We make sure that every single tour that you take with us is an adventure and something that you’ll take home with you and never forget.

Living the Adventure isn’t just a daily task, it’s a lifestyle. It is when an adventurous attitude meets an opportunity, you have the attitude, we have the opportunities. Let us enlighten you!

From Humble Beginnings

West Trek Tours was founded in 1995 by a passionate group of adventurers. Their entire mission was to show off our beautiful country to students and young adults. The model was that of budget travel. They developed a philosophy, The Wolfpack. The Wolfpack philosophy dictates that we look after each other, and look out for each other, regardless of those in our pack who are human or wolf. It also means we care for the environment in which we travel and respect the amazing natural landscapes that we are privileged to visit. These are important reminders of what space we occupy in our world, and how we want to leave the planet for future generations to come.

White Boat Party

Club ESL and West Trek Social Club

In 2020, West Trek Tours and Club ESL merged and formed to operate under the West Trek brand. A large portion of the business that Club ESL ran was activities for the ESL students. The original concept of the Club has now been morphed into West Trek Social Club. The Social Club is a portal for young adults and the young at heart to connect with one another before coming to Canada. It is a global community for like-minded individuals.

The Future of West Trek Tours

The West Trek brand is here for the dreamers, the adrenaline seekers, and the exploration lovers; we want to dance with you on mountain tops, shotgun beers in front of a campfire and skinny dip with you in glacier lakes. Not only are we your Canadian adventure guides, but our parent company is also a full-service travel agency. We offer everything from flights and hotel accommodation pre- and post-tour to travel insurance and car rental. We indeed have become the one-stop-shop for fulfilling your wanderlust!

Rocky Mountains