Meet the team behind West Trek and Discover Canada Tours

Clint Drdul

Director of Sales and Marketing

Hi there! Along with my sister-in-law Stacey, I’m one of the founders of Discover Canada Tours, West Trek's parent company. I oversee the Sales and Marketing teams, and I’m also in charge of keeping the fun at a high level in our office! I started as one of the only tour guides, and I still jump in from time to time. I have a passion for showing off the beautiful province where I was born and raised. Outside of the office, you will find me chasing my 9-year-old twins down a ski slope, going to a hockey game or camping at Cultus Lake and hanging out by the water. Living the Adventure is both mine and this company’s motto, and I invite you to do so in REVELSTOKE.

Stacey Thorson

Director of Operations

Hello! I’m Stacey, and I founded Discover Canada Tours along with Clint to follow in my parents’ footsteps. I oversee the Operations, Product development and Finances of DCT and the rest of our brands. Before founding the company in 2005, I lived and worked in the Middle East, and I have traveled extensively throughout Canada and internationally. To me, traveling is not only a passion, but a way of life. I love to explore new destinations, especially throughout Western Canada, and share my best experiences through the creation of unforgettable tour packages for West Trek. I’m also the proud mother of two active young daughters who keep me busy outside of work; I love to take my family to discover new places and activities! My favorite one is skiing, which is why I invite you to Live the Adventure in SUN PEAKS.

Bryson Dunn

Senior Sales Manager

“What are we going to do today? LIVE THE ADVENTURE!” - This is how I start my days in the office with my team, who are proud to be called The Green Team. I started guiding, and my passion for travel is what shapes my career. When I’m not working, I like to play hard; I enjoy dirt biking, motorcycling and snowmobiling. I’m lucky to have an awesome wife that lets me do these things, even though we have a baby daughter at home! I also play guitar and drums, and love hanging out with good friends. I’m known to be very charming and persuasive, so be careful, or you might find yourself on one of my crazy adventures! Let’s go Live the Adventure in TOFINO.

Cian Cassidy

WT Division Lead

What's up! I'm Cian (Key - In ;) I'm the West Trek Division Lead. Adventure has always been in my Irish blood! I spent my entire 20s discovering the world and living across the globe. I finally found a place to call home in Western Canada in 2018. This region has something to offer for everyone. Vancouver is an incredibly mutilcultural, progressive city with a mind blowing backyard on its door step. I fell in love with Western Canada instantly! My goal is to share my love and passion of this region with people from all over the world. Working for West Trek has allowed me to fulfill this dream. My favourite place in Western Canada (and the world!) is the wild wholesome seaside town of TOFINO on Vancouver Island. Catch me camping and surfing here most weekends in summer. Be brave, get outside your comfort zone and Live the Adventure!

Bryce Ross

Activity Supervisor

Hello there! I'm Bryce, the Activities Supervisor at West Trek. I am from Vancouver and love to travel. I have spent a good chunk of the last ten years travelling through other countries in Asia, Europe, and South America. My love for travel brought me to West Trek, where I feel right at home helping international students go on epic adventures. I am passionate about the nature we have here in Vancouver and would recommend checking out all of the mountains and lakes. My favorite place to visit in BC is TOFINO- the surfing capital of Canada. Come with us on an adventure there!

Diana Amador

Sales & Activity Rep

Hola! I'm Diana, Mexican and traveller at heart. I studied tourism back in Mexico and have worked in restaurants, airlines, and wedding planning agencies. I have lived in four big cities in North and South America, so the tourism industry is a big part of my life :). Nowadays I'm part of the amazing Green Team as a Sales and Activity Coordinator, where I can help international students, as I once was, to have the best experiences of their lives living abroad, traveling and discovering the best places in Vancouver and Western Canada. My favorite season is summer, so you can find me in any sunny destination during my vacation, discovering new cuisines and taking pictures of the most unreal places, like the glacial lakes in Alberta. I invite you to Live the Adventure and join us on one of our amazing tours across Western Canada, my personal favorite is the ROCKIES SUMMER CLASSIC tour.

Camila Cezar

Sales & Activity Rep

Hey there! I'm Camila, the Activity Coordinator of ILAC. I had been working with finance for the past 10 years back in Brazil, but something always felt odd. I found out that my passion is traveling and tourism a few years ago, when I was studying English here in Vancouver. My first time in Vancouver made me realize this was the place I wanted to live and tourism was the career I wanted to pursue. Here I am today, living the dream and the adventure with this amazing team. My favorite place in the world is the CANADIAN ROCKY MOUNTAINS and I could not be happier.

Dahlia Vu

Sales & Activity Rep

Hi there! It’s Dahlia, one of West Trek's Activity Coordinators. I moved to Canada in 2019 and have been living the adventure with my fantastic Green Team since 2022. I enjoy going on trips and coming to parties, but on top of all, having the chances to meet and become friends with people from all over the world! I treasure every moment of life and appreciate the people I have to share my moments with me. Want to join me on my favorite ROCKY MOUNTAIN trips and experience the endless fun together?

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