Seattle: My first baseball experience in America!

Here's the BEST things to do in Seattle with a two-day itinerary! Thank me later!
By Gerome Kang | January 15, 2024
Hearing the thunderous “CRACK!” of a home run and the crowd roar through T-Mobile Park stadium cemented my love for American and its sporting culture.

What ISN’T great about Seattle?

I had been to Seattle once before, I enjoyed the downtown surroundings and the views of nature around every corner. There’s plenty of things to do in Seattle when you’re new in town, the one complaint I did have at the time was the weather. 

Unfortunately we didn’t have the clearest of days and the clouds set a moody tone for the city which was a bit of a bummer. HOWEVER, this all changed when I visited Seattle in the middle of SUMMER, and caught one of the most amazing sporting experiences I’ve had! 

Seattle baseball season will immerse you in an electric atmosphere! From cheering on the Mariners at T-Mobile Park to exploring the city’s iconic attractions, Seattle offers a huge variety of experiences for travelers of all types. The particular tour I was on at the time included cultures with people of different backgrounds and ages ranging from nineteen to sixty-eight years old so you can imagine the interesting stories and funny moments that happened on the trip!

What was MY absolute favourite thing to do in Seattle?

Hot dog, ice cold beer, and baseball – the quintessential American experience.

Walking into T-Mobile Park for my first-ever Mariners game, I was buzzing with excitement with my tour group. Of course, I wasn’t much of a fan – I hadn’t even watched an inning before, but the scenes inside the crowd and the promise of an unforgettable experience had my heart surging with energy.

I was born and raised in Thailand so if you think about what sports represent my country it would probably be Muay Thai – a full contact brawl of fists, elbows and knees… the first time I was ever introduced to the idea of baseball was through anime cartoons in the early mornings.

I mean, a two to three hour baseball game is much longer than a twenty minute cartoon episode. So I’ve been ready to experience the REAL thing. 

Before I cleared through the gates at T-Mobile Park, the excitement was reverberating through the air so thick people were shouting and cheering and I couldn’t help but join in with strangers who shared the vibe.©VisitSeattle-DavidNewman-ElliottBay-GreatWheel.jpg

The American Baseball Atmosphere

I made sure to take a leisurely stroll around the stadium, taking in the sights and sounds of the game day atmosphere. It was great as some of my new friends made on the tour decided to join in.. They all shared in the excitement and explained a little bit about the importance of the game. 

Sitting down in my seat with my hot dog, slice of pizza and beer, I did consider that I might have splurged a little bit considering the premium prices at a baseball game. Until I heard the thunderous “CRACK!” of a home run… from who?? I had no idea but the way the CRACK came just before the roar of the stadium sent me and my group into a frenzy, almost watching my pizza slide off my paper plate and squeezing my hotdog accidentally flicking ketchup flying up into the air. 

The craziness lasted a solid five minutes, and the vibe of the entire stadium shifted into sixth gear for the rest of the game when another player from the Mariners smashed a home run OUT OF THE PARK…. It was a moment I’ll never forget – a moment of deafening silence holding your breath just before hearing that last CRACK and you KNOW this sound.

The initial sound of the crack and knowing it was a home run already made everyone crazy, but the longer you watched the ball and realised it wasn’t stopping until it was out of the park was just something phenomenal to see. It sent the first wave of shouting and excitement into an even more ferocious frenzy than the one preceding it.. At this point you had your hands on your head in disbelief, sharing looks with fellow onlookers who were just dumbfounded by the sheer awesomeness of something that doesn’t feel humanly possible. 

All in all, my first Mariners game was an experience I’ll never forget. From the electrifying atmosphere of T-Mobile Park to the thrill of watching live game-changing plays made in real-time, it was a day filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

My heart rate goes up whenever I think about it. I still don’t even know who the two players were that sent the crowd crazy, or what the score was but it will forever go down as one of my favourite memories of America!

What’s the best way to get around Seattle? 

Seattle might not have been the first city I thought of when considering a visit to the United States, but I do think it IS the BEST experience for your first time in America. Especially if you’re living in or visiting Vancouver for a short-time – Seattle is only TWO HOURS away! Two days is the perfect amount of time to travel down and see everything you need to see!

Tour companies like West Trek offer unparalleled convenience and a stress-free travel experience. With the hassle of booking a car eliminated, and all the required documentation covered, travelers can sit back, relax, and fully immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the city. 

From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, having a guide ensures you see all the best spots in town, wasting no time navigating unfamiliar streets. Alternatively, joining a tour provides an opportunity to make friends along the way, so if you DO want to explore and get lost in the streets you will find yourself in the company of new friends! 

I really enjoy the confidence of traveling with a guide because I know I can ask them anything and find out whether it’s worth adventuring around on my own or sticking with the group. I found myself doing a mix of both, but left feeling quite satisfied with the destinations that were already covered in my trip.

Whether it’s sampling the latest brew from Old Stove at Pike Place Market or admiring the panoramic views from the 360-views from the Space Needle, a guided tour still gives you the freedom of choosing your own adventure.

Things to do in Seattle with or without a group

The most iconic attractions are “iconic” for a reason. I don’t know just how “world famous” the Pike Place Market is, but it is one of the oldest currently functioning markets in America where you can sample fresh seafood and check out all the funky traditions that go on at the markets like throwing the fish around like they’re footballs. Sure, that’s entertaining. 

What I will say is definitely world-class is Seattle’s museums, galleries, and theatres that are all easily accessible once you hit downtown. The Museum of Pop Culture holds some amazing stories in musical history and pop culture that will surprise you. As a music lover of all genres I found it awesome to go back in time and be in the presence of Jimi Hendrix it felt like.  

For someone so foreign to American culture and the history that this amazing country has. Even just two days in Seattle really blew me away with its buzzing culture. From the intense live baseball atmosphere to chilled lounging around in a quiet cafe in Capitol Hill. The vibes are immaculate whether you’re sharing it with a foreign friend or in the comfort of your own. Visit Seattle!