Why is Victoria BC’s sweetheart destination?

By Michael Song | February 6, 2023
The year’s most romantic holiday, Valentine's Day is almost upon us! This is the day when many of us spend a little extra time and effort telling our romantic partners that we love and care for them. While you may be thinking of flowers or a dinner out this year, we’re here to tell you that the perfect idea is a trip to Victoria, BC!

Why Victoria you ask? A trip to Victoria is perfect for couples looking to get a breather from everyday life and enjoy being together and celebrating their relationship. In Canada, Victoria has become associated with romance for many years now. Whether it is the British charm from the cobblestone streets, the numerous restaurants, perfect for date nights, or the wonderful selection of high-end, waterfront hotels, it is easy to get romantic in Victoria! The quaint capital of BC is also the capital of romance if you ask us; those of you looking to surprise and delight your sweetheart should definitely be looking to travel here this February. You don’t have to take our word for it either, as Victoria was voted the most romantic city in Canada from 2013 to 2019!

So, what can you do in Victoria with your sweetheart? Well, we think the first thing to do in any city is to find great food. There are an overwhelming number of restaurants in Victoria to choose from. It is home to the most restaurants per capita than any other city in Canada after all! Don’t worry if you are overwhelmed by choice, as we’ve got you covered with a list of the best (and healthiest) restaurants in the city!

If you aren’t in the mood for a delicious, healthy meal, it is a holiday after all, Victoria also has numerous other options. The city is full of pubs and microbreweries, as well as nightclubs and fine dining restaurants that will be sure to keep your stomach as full as your heart this Valentine’s Day.

Outside of enjoying a romantic meal, you may want to spend some time being active as well. A trip to Butchart Gardens and whale-watching excursions should be top of mind for everyone, but there is no shortage of activities, both romantic and otherwise, to enjoy. Be sure to check out Tourism Victoria for more romantic ideas this February and all year round!

Now that you’ve decided Victoria is the place to be for you and your sweetheart, let Discover Canada Tours take care of all the details of getting you there. Discover Canada Tours offers several tours to get you and your partner over to Victoria, whether it’s on Valentine’s Day or any other day this year. We offer overnight tours as well as customizable do-it-yourself itineraries and day trips all ready to whisk you away to the city of romance – see below for our top Victoria tours.

  1. Discover Victoria & Butchart Gardens – Why not combine a trip to the city of Victoria with a side visit to world-famous Butchart Gardens? The dazzling colours and thousands of plants will keep you entertained and feeling romantic all afternoon.
  2. Victoria Getaway  – A build-your-adventure option with Discover Canada Tours. We arrange a ferry or a scenic float plane ride to Victoria and your choice of hotels for a weekend to remember!
  3. Victoria Sightseeing – Enjoy a day trip to the city of gardens any day of the year with West Trek tours. You’ll check out all the highlights of the city and can add on Butchart Gardens or a whale-watching adventure as well!

Now that you know how romantic Victoria can be for you and your loved one, be sure to book a trip over to the island this February to help get you in the mood for romance! Explore all of our Victoria Day Tours.

Written by Lucas Coldwell. Photos courtesy of  ©Destination Greater Victoria/Off The Eaten Track Food Tour/Valerie Shore/Clint Rivers/Brandon McGeachie/Johann Vincent Photography/ Lisanne Smeele/Erika Balogova