Travel across the border to the American city of music, nightlife and Starbucks!
Seattle, Washington, USA


Seattle is a vibrant city that offers a unique blend of urban excitement and natural beauty. As you cross the border from Vancouver, you’ll immediately feel the energy and liveliness that Seattle is famous for. The city’s rich musical heritage is evident everywhere you go, with countless famous artists and bands hailing from this very place.

The city is also a haven for sports and coffee enthusiasts alike as it is home to the Seattle Mariners and the birthplace of Starbucks! Seattle is  surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, with the Pacific Northwest’s stunning landscapes right at its doorstep. It is also home to many iconic landmarks including the Space Needle,  the bustling Pike Place Market, the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood, and  the Museum of Pop Culture

Seattle truly has it all – from its vibrant music scene to its stunning natural surroundings and iconic landmarks. So why not join us on a West Trek adventure and experience the excitement and beauty of Seattle for yourself? We can’t wait to show you all that this incredible city has to offer.

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